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Technology Engineering Holding PETON is an EPC contractor delivering oil and gas projects.

An integrated approach from a business idea to execution

PETON uses an integrated approach to the project execution from the idea of monetization of raw materials, development of marketing strategy, raising project finance to engineering, construction and commissioning of the facility meeting all up-to-date project requirements: flexibility (ability to adapt to external environment changes), constructability, optimality of costs and execution time.

Our approach is based on the concepts of best world practices usage, resources optimization and integrated responsibility.

The contract configuration is selected based on the Client’s aims and needs.

Pre-investment research and marketing strategy development

The company possesses unique competencies in marketing strategy development and pre-investment research execution.

Besides strategic objectives for capitalization growth and performance efficiency improvement, the market conditions of oil and gas industry development provide the market members with the task to rapidly adapt to the following challenges: volatility and raw materials and product markets, transition to low-carbon economy, transformation of the industry from raw materials model to the highly marginal model, the need for infrastructures integrated development. Selection of the strategy, its execution method and contractor is particularly important in such conditions.

PETON offers services on preparation of development strategy for oil and gas refining companies with due account for solving of industry-wide tasks:

1. Increase of production output in petrochemical industry with high limits.

2. Expansion of non-oil and gas non-energy export.

3. Implementation of resources and labour saving ecologically clean technologies.

4. Minimization of negative climatic and environmental impact.

5. Provision of import substitution in fine and medium scale chemical industry.

Enterprise development optimization involves selection of the most effective manufactured products set based on market analysis, tax legislation, optimization of investment costs with usage of the leading technologies and methods for construction organization. It enables to obtain maximum performance indicators for projects being implemented.

PETON offers a modern market driven approach to preparation of the production strategy philosophy

PETON performs the following activities:

  • Analysis of the products market and assessment of its potential
  • Development of marketing and logistics philosophy, including marketing, price strategy and target markets expansion strategy
  • Process solutions development
  • Preparation of the project financial economic model and budget with due account for the predictable risks
  • Preparation of tender documents
  • Execution of pre-investment research (feasibility studies, business plan, feasibility of investment)
  • Supporting fund development

Project execution options

JI (Justification of Investments). Pre-investment research and marketing strategy
  • Analysis of the products market and assessment of its potential
  • Development of marketing and logistics philosophy
  • Process solutions development
  • Preparation of the project economic model and budget with due account for the predictable risks
  • Preparation of tender documents
  • Feasibility studies
  • Supporting additional fund development

Long term experience and concerted efforts of analysts, process engineers, designers, logistics specialists and construction specialists enables PETON to offer justified and realistic solutions at the stage of preparation to project execution

R&D (Research & Design). R&D
  • Research and design activities that include development of individual and the most optimal solutions at oil and gas technologies market

Own digitized library of technologies and scientific researches protected by patent solutions in production, refining, preparation for transportation and transportation of hydrocarbons created based on successful execution of projects in Russia and CIS countries during the last 30 years. Own research and development institutes, a unique laboratory

E (Engineering). Engineering
  • Engineering surveys support
  • Development of documentation at all stages: PreFeed, Optimization of technical solutions, Design documentation, Detailed design, etc.
  • 3D Modelling
  • Development of design documentation
  • Supporting development of Project Specific Technical Specifications
  • Participation in hazards analysis procedure (HAZOP/HAZIP)
  • Support in State expertise, State environmental expert review
  • Designer supervision

PETON uses 3D modelling starting from front-end engineering design, using accumulated experience and staged detailed elaboration, which allows to minimize the risk of interferences occurrence, form correct project costs and quickly and effectively solve challenging tasks

P (Procurement). Equipment Production & Supply
  • Fabrication, arrangement and supply of main and auxiliary equipment and materials
  • Inspection and technical supervision at all stages of equipment fabrication and supply
  • Monitoring the execution of equipment and materials procurement plan and fabrication schedule
  • Full logistics support including large-size equipment
  • Customs clearance
  • Warehouse management

Availability of own production facilities. Supply of main and auxiliary equipment and materials at the moment when it is required for erection, which reduces warehouse inventory storage time and project execution period. Qualified technical support in fabrication of equipment at all stages, including acceptance of equipment

C (Construction). Construction
  • Execution of preparatory works
  • Organisation and execution of civil construction and erection works
  • Start-up and adjustment works
  • Facility commissioning

The Holding incorporates construction and production companies. Availability of up-to-date material and technical base enables quick mobilization of the required resources and control over the construction schedule

РМС (Project Management Consulting). Project Management
  • Project planning and administration at all stages, including construction management
  • Budgeting and cost control
  • Risk and change management
  • Monitoring, audits, control

The base of project management concepts, developed on the basis of successfully completed challenging projects under different contract strategies in Russia and CIS countries enables the company to provide full scope of services for project management within the frameworks of the approved budget and specified schedule

ЕРС (Engineering. Procurement. Construction). Integrated approach

EPC contract-based project execution:

  • Engineering
  • Supply of materials and equipment
  • Construction
  • Commissioning

PETON integrated approach includes all project execution stages starting from pre-investment research and support in financial provision till the facility commissioning

Advantages of the integrated approach:

Reducing project duration
Possibility of parallel organization of engineering, equipment procurement and fabrication, site preparation and construction
Risk assessment, mitigation and management
Unified interactive 3D-model, updated in the process of engineering, supplies and construction, integrated with financial planning
Optimization of CAPEX - OPEX
Smart engineering – assessment of every solution in terms of the project execution schedule, cost and facility performance indicators over the long term
Integrated responsibility
The integrated approach guarantees retention of the project indicators within the required limits (schedule, costs), ensures the required investment efficiency