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Science and technologies

During development of scientific and technical policy, we are guided by development and implementation of high-end technologies that conform to the up-to-date requirements of the process solutions market, high standards and criteria of environmental safety for oil and gas facilities.

Unique laboratory

At the premises of PETON Holding in Ufa, Russia’s unique laboratory for the creation and field testing of high-performance mass-transfer and separation equipment was established and operates.

The laboratory is equipped with the benches for field testing of the equipment manufactured in SRDI OIL&GAS PETON (trays, packings, baffles, coalescers, filters, distributors that are the “core” of the key basic processes in gas and oil processing: rectification, absorption, separation) for vessels up to 9,000 mm in diameter, including transparent hydraulic benches up to 1,800 mm in diameter.

Лаборатория Лаборатория

Research and production achievements

  • A series of designs for cross-flow packings, distributors and vessels with variable packing position has been developed; all the designs are protected by copyright.
  • More than 170 industrial introductions have been performed based on technical solutions of PETON contact devices at the facilities in oil and gas processing, petrochemical and nitrogen compound making industry
  • More than 50 scientific solutions for mix separation have been developed in various processes; the developments are patented in the Russian Federation
  • PETON was the first company in Russia to develop technical solutions for supersharp rectification being part of nanotechnology process of solar grade silicon industrial-scale production
  • Theoretical basis and the modelling process of catalytic distillation have been developed
  • The licensed technology for cleaning of vacuum distillation decomposition gases has been developed
  • Highly efficient separation equipment has been developed with application of the cyclone-type input devices for gas liquid mixtures
  • The technology for displacement of high-molecular compounds of the residual oil with the use of carbon dioxide has been developed
  • The procedure for effective repairs of process facilities for gas and gas condensate processing has been developed
  • A unique mass-transfer extraction column has been developed and successfully implemented at Oils phenol purification unit

Licenced technologies

PETON carries out monitoring, analysis and customization of the best foreign technologies, and, since 1990, development and patenting of in-house technologies.

PETON licenced technologies in the field of gas processing:

  • Technology of absorption gas purification
  • Technology of low temperature gas separation with external refrigerant cycle
  • Technology of low temperature gas separation with internal refrigerant cycle
  • Technology of gas glycol-dehydration
  • Technology of regeneration gas processing from zeolite dust
  • Technology of LPG production from natural gas
  • Technology of ethane production from natural gas
  • Technology of gas condensate stabilization
  • Technology of NGL fractionation
  • Technology of liquified gas and NGL cleaning with removal of acid components

PETON licenced technologies in the field of oil processing:

  • Technology of oil fractionation with reflux “cross-flows” between columns
  • Technology of advanced processing of refinery fuel gases in ethylene-gasoline direction
  • Technology of fractionation at С56 isomerization
  • Technology of С56 isomerization with cleaning of hydrogen recycle
  • Technology of gas fractionation during catalytic cracking
  • Tractionation technology for production of 95 RON gasoline as per EURO-5 standard
  • Technology of deasphalted oil and solvent cleaning in the process of selective oil tar deasphaltizing
  • Technology of hydrocracking products fractionation
  • Technology of hydrogen recycle cleaning during hydrocracking

Experience of work with process licensors

1 Automobile gasoline production complex
UOP, Axens
2 Diesel hydro treating unit
Shell, Haldor Topsoe, UOP, Lummus, Axens
3 Catalytic cracking gasoline treating unit Axens, CD Tech
4 Hydrogen production unit
Haldor Topsoe, J. Matthey, Linde
5 PSA unit
UOP, Linde
6 Delayed coking unit
Bechtel, Foster Wheeler, Lummus
7 High conversion hydro-cracking unit
Axens, Haldor Topsoe, UOP, Shell, Lummus
8 Catalytic cracking unit
UOP, Axens, KBR, Lummus
9 Sulphur production unit Axens, Prosermat, Jacobs, Siirtec Nigi
10 LPG cleaning (Merox)
UOP, Merichem, VNIIUS