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Procurement Philosophy:

  • transparency of information
  • unrestricted competition
  • funds spending as per the intended purpose and cost effective expenditures

Only those companies that have completed voluntary prequalification and have been included in the Register of Potential Procurement Bidders of Technological Engineering Holding PETON may participate in procurement bidding processes.

The Company reserves the right to renounce competitive procurement bidding at any time, and in doing so shall not be under liability to the bidders or any third parties that may sustain losses as a result of such an action, and shall not be under an obligation to inform the bidders about the reasons for such actions.


The main purpose of the prequalification process is to make a register of potential procurement bidders, who are capable of performing required types of work, delivering required types of service, supplying required types of goods in accordance with the established requirements for industrial processes, quality and safety of goods, requirements for work and service results, the prequalification process being prerequisite to any invitation to bid on a competitive basis alongside other potential procurement bidders, whose qualifications are found to match the strategically critical requirements/level of the procurement nomenclature.

Invitations to bid will be sent to those bidders, who have completed the prequalification process and been included in the Register of Potential Procurement Bidders as eligible providers of specific types of goods, work or service.

A complete list of prequalification documents (including mandatory nomenclature requirements) shall be e-mailed to


No procurement procedures are currently open for bidding


No sales are currently open for bidding