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About Us

Technology Engineering Holding PETON is one of the leading domestic engineering companies that have a full set of Russian licenses for execution of turn-key projects for construction of GPPs and refineries with Nelson complexity index of 10+.


PETON occupies a leading position in the market due to its comprehensive approach to execution of oil and gas project of any complexity. PETON has focused on smart solutions which combine engineering, production, construction and process management to become successful. Our scientific competencies and process base allow to develop and successfully implement the best available technologies, aimed at improvement of the Client’s facilities economical efficiency.

We offer the best project quality and the shortest project execution time-frame. Strategically, the Company stakes on developing expert knowledge and HR capital, therefore we can address any challenge in oil and gas industry.

Technology Engineering Holding PETON includes a number of companies with the total staff of over 8,000 people: scientific, production and management personnel, specialists for integrated supplies and designers.

Since 1990 we have been executing the best
engineering solutions

PETON possesses all required competencies and resources for execution of large scale projects, has several research and development institutes, a unique laboratory, representative offices in Moscow, Ufa, St.Petersburg, Orenburg, Novy Urengoy, Kondratyevo, Svobodny, Rostov-on-Don; own buildings and production facilities with the total area of over 30,000 m2.

During the last 30 years PETON has implemented more than 170 projects in Russia and CIS countries. We actively cooperate with the leading Licensors and Manufacturers all over the world.

Promotion of Russian economy development by effective engineering at oil and gas industry facilities

Holding priorities

PETON development strategy reflects the current situation and prospects of Russia’s economic development. It has been developed in compliance with the requirements of relevant ministries, agencies and development philosophies of the largest domestic fuel and energy companies, and is constantly adapting to new economic conditions.

Buildup of technological competences and environmental compatibility of the solutions being proposed
Wide area of responsibility to the Client
Active development of relations with Russian production companies and foreign partners within the frameworks of technologies adaptation and local manufacturing content
Constant improvement of internal technical and management competencies through implementation of staff development programs

Sustainable development philosophy and priorities:

  • Prospective innovation developments, which provide for new generation of products, technologies and services for oil and gas processing industry applications
  • Efficient use of hydrocarbon feedstock at all the stages of its processing
  • Use of own licensed technologies that allow to cut down OPEX and CAPEX, to enhance energy efficiency, efficiency factor of processing, to make processing conversion deeper, and to increase investment appeal of the project
  • Building-up world-class process and management competencies
  • Involving the leading Russian enterprises to manufacture high-tech equipment and materials in the fuel and energy sector
  • Active participation in creating the national talent pool for the fuel and energy industry

Capacities of facilities and projects executed by PETON

million tons of fuel equivalent
  • Gas Processing
  • Oil refining
  • Petrochemicals
  • Other

Differentiation of projects at major facilities

  • Fractionation units in oil refining
  • Amine treatment of gases
  • Fractionation units in gas processing
  • Primary oil fractionation units
  • Petrochemical units
  • Natural gas treatment units (including liquefaction units)
  • Other

Companies where large-scale projects were executed

  • Other companies

PETON staff composition structure

  • Civil construction and erection works
  • Engineering
  • Material resources management
  • Project management

Holding Structure

Company Name Location Functions
Ufa, Moscow, St.Petersburg, Orenburg, Novy Urengoy, settlement of Kondratyevo, Svobodny Integrated EPC-contractor. Executes turnkey projects in oil and gas industry of Russia and CIS countries: from the business idea till the project execution. It is the Holding main research, design and development centre for development of technologies and engineering of the facilities in the gas and oil production and oil and gas processing, and petrochemistry industries. It holds licensed technologies of PETON
PETON Construction Ufa, Novy Urengoy, settlement of Kondratyevo Executes civil construction and erection works for oil and gas complex facilities under all PETON projects
PETON Mekhanizatsiya Ufa, Novy Urengoy, settlement of Kondratyevo Provides turnkey construction of all required special-purpose machinery under all PETON projects
PK-Engineering Ufa Integrated engineering of petrochemical facilities. The company executes full scope of engineering works for construction, revamping and reconstruction of production and industrial facilities
NPP Tekhproekt Ufa Executes integrated engineering of petrochemical and oil and gas processing facilities. Performs engineering of transport facilities and protective structures, electric power buildings and structures

Production assets

Novoshakhtinsky Zavod Nefteproduktov OJSC – an oil refining facility in Rostov region. The oil refinery specializes at production of fuel oil, furnace oil, marine fuel, diesel fuel, straight-run gasoline.

ОАО «Новошахтинский завод нефтепродуктов»

PETON material and technical base:

The Holding has its own advanced material and technical base that ensures timely mobilization for execution of projects of any complexity

  • Cranes and motor vehicles, including cranes of 100–300 ton lifting capacity – 140 units. The Company has all lifting and transportation equipment required for execution of the entire scope of works. The average age of the transportation means does not exceed 3 years
  • Welding machines – 484 units.
  • Electrical equipment, measurement tools – 313 units
  • Temporary buildings and structures – 454 units
  • Availability of own temporary buildings and structures allows the Company to outfit the construction site with production and amenity facilities required for the project execution within a short period of time
  • A certified laboratory for metals diagnostics and welding examinationThe laboratory is outfitted with equipment for non-destructive testing. Mechanical and construction testing divisions are equipped with state-of-the-art and high-tech equipment that allows performing the entire range of tests
  • Concrete ready-mix station

Advantages of own production resources:

  • High mobility
  • Change management
  • Quality improvement
  • Possibility to implement large-scale EPC projects
  • Cost saving

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